INDUSTRY: Indie FPS game and surreal adventure hits PC later this month

    Headup Games and distributor Bleakmil have announced that their FPS game and surreal adventure, INDUSTRY, will be published on September 30th for PC through Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG. Along with the news, they published a new teaser that shows off some of the game's mysterious vibe.

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    INDUSTRY takes place in 1989, on the eve of the Berlin Wall’s collapse. As Nora, a scientist, you’ll have to search for your missing companion and boyfriend, pursuing a mystery that brings you to a parallel world in the city of Hakavik, where East Berlin’s brutalist architecture combines with odd technological equipment and futuristic robotics.

    The game is influenced by narrative FPS titles as well as several 2000s classics, and it mixes a mind-blowing tale with gun fights. Armed with four weapons and a melee weapon, you must cope with the numerous mechanical creatures that wander the game’s dystopian world, all while carefully managing your resources and gathering information in order to survive long enough to solve the riddle. The man at the heart of this interesting story is

    INDUSTRY has been in production for 6 years, beginning with a team of two friends and subsequently expanded to four more people, all of whom worked on the game in their spare time. INDUSTRY is a completely unique vision that mixes surrealist imagery and ideas with science fiction elements to create a memorable planet destroyed by a mysterious threat. The game prioritizes the plot, with strong FPS action scenes leading the player through the narrative and saving his companion, revealing the mysteries of Hakavik and its demise.

    Second, co-founder of Bleakmill, David Jungnickel:

    We’re really happy to give folks a glimpse into the strange sci-fi universe that our little team has been working so hard on… As our first release, we wanted to create something big in terms of aesthetics and story while remaining simple in terms of mechanics and experience.