Jeff Grubb may have been responsible for Electronic Arts’ stock crash after the alleged postponement of Battlefield 2042

    Earlier morning, a significant rumor began circulating about Electronic Arts’ newest release, the beautiful Battlefield 2042. The story began when Twitter users stated that Battlefield 2042 had been delayed, and that one of the people responsible for the delay was the renowned Jeff Grubb, who had gained notoriety for “leaking” information about upcoming games.

    Electronic Arts’ stock price plummeted following this reported postponement of Battlefield 2042, and the reason for this might have been the postponement of Battlefield 2042. We must keep in mind that the game’s postponement is still a rumor and has not been confirmed by Electronic Arts.

    Daniel Ahmad then took to Twitter to mock the incident surrounding Jeff Grubb.

    Battlefield 2042’s release date remains October 22, 2021, although rumors suggest that it may have been moved out to November.