Judge Dredd arrives to bring justice in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone

    Available for a limited time only, the Tracer Pack: Dredd Judge Set puts the player-particularly Warsaw Pact Elite Operator Ingo Beck-in the shoes of one of the most renowned and lasting characters in British comics. The Judge Dredd bundle is now available at the Store and will air till October 14th.

    To assist Judge Dredd in Black Ops Cold War O, Judge Dredd will use Warsaw Pact Operator Ingo Beck, a demolition and explosives specialist who is certain to take advantage of Judge Dredd’s strong hand when it comes to offenders.

    Years after training EOD experts on Diensteinheit IX, Beck was presented with “important proof” from NATO-Judge Dredd comic novels-by a student who believed his dry wit did not always diffuse difficult circumstances. Beck has since utilized a variety of negotiating chips-primarily coffee and chocolate from the government shop-to obtain any comic he wants. Dredd is available to guide NATO defectors or other mercenaries to the wall.

    Only until October 14th is this bundle available.