Julie Hodges, former Disney executive, is hired by Activision Blizzard as its new CPO

    Activision Blizzard stated in a news release that it has appointed former Disney executive Julie Hodges as its new Chief People Officer (CPO) in an effort to improve its working environment.

    Hodges was asked to assist “create a more inclusive workplace” despite being engaged in a dispute over a California Department of Employment and Fair Housing lawsuit for creating a toxic environment in previous decades.

    Hodges will manage all elements of human resources for Activision Blizzard, “including diversity, equality, and inclusion, talent acquisition, employee experience, learning and development, salary and benefits, and workplace planning.” His position at the firm will commence on September 21, 2021, when he will take over for Claudine Naughton (who has been with the company since 2019).

    According to Activision Blizzard’s investor presentation, Hodges has more than three decades of expertise. Her most notable position was as senior vice president of Corporate HR and Compensation, Benefits, and Talent Acquisition at Disney for the last 32 years. She played a key role in changing Disney’s corporate culture to enable it to thrive in the modern era.

    Hodges stated her position at the company:

    “I agree with the company’s view that a work atmosphere should be inclusive of various viewpoints, experiences, and backgrounds. A workforce where everyone feels appreciated is critical to our company’s success, as is a trustworthy, engaging, and safe workplace that fosters creativity and innovation and allows all workers to thrive.”

    “It takes a team effort to do this, and I’m looking forward to ensuring that we encourage the diversity of our talent in order to bring our employees together and continue to create amazing entertainment.””