Kena: Bridge of Spirits – Developer talks about her post-launch plans

    Mike Grier, co-founder of Ember Lab and developer of Kena: Bridge of Spirits, indicated that the company intends to support the PS5, PS4, and PC platforms after the game's release, implying that Photo Mode and new battle situations will be available.

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    Grier revealed plans for Kena: Bridge of Spirits in an interview with IGN’s Next-Gen Console Watch, in addition to the little updates we’ve seen since launch. He did not, however, want to get into specifics.

    “We absolutely want to support the game; we know people love Photo Mode and combat, so we’re thinking about ways to expand on some new combat scenarios and possibly some additional material brought around combat in the future.”

    Yes, I believe we will make some changes to Photo Mode; people have been requesting certain features that would be simple to implement, so I believe we will continue to support Kena.

    Kena: Bridge of Spirits is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.