Kiichiro Urata, CEO of Capcom US and Capcom Europe, joins Japanese PlayStation Division

    Kiichiro Urata, the well-known CEO of Capcom in the United States and Europe, has joined Sony Interactive Entertainment as senior vice president and head of Japan’s Asia Development and Partner Relations Division, the company said.

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    From September 2011 until August 2021, Urata led Capcom’s business division in the Americas and Europe. He also served as an executive managing director (CEO).

    In his new job inside PlayStation’s Japanese division, he will supervise the agreements that PlayStation will establish in order to attract PlayStation 5 users in Japan, including deals for titles such as Forspoken and Final Fantasy XVI, which will initially be exclusive to Sony.

    This is a significant new move for PlayStation in its native market, one that Jim Ryan, CEO and President of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said will be taken within the current generation. We’ll see what benefits hiring Urata brings.