“Lost Epic” will come out of Early Access later this year

    Team Earthwars has announced that its 2D action RPG Lost Epic will remain in Early Access until 2021, when it will be released in its complete form. However, before the final release, the game will receive a huge update that will contain the two final worlds that were previously unavailable. Since June, the game has been available on Steam’s Early Access.

    Along with the announcement, the developer released a new trailer that demonstrates what would be included in the update:

    Players can now equip a new weapon type, the Wand, which has high magical attributes and can learn new Divine Skills and one-handed sword skills, as well as use new tools such as the Shield Gauntlet, a glove that transforms into a shield that can reduce damage taken or reflect enemy attacks without losing stamina.

    "Lost Epic" will come out of Early Access later this year | Gamingnovato

    Lost Epic combines RPG, action, and hack-and-slash components to provide a unique experience for players. Throughout the game, players will find several upgradeable weapons and character customization possibilities to make their trip unique and enjoyable. The game’s artwork was made by the Australian illustrator Namie, who has worked on the franchises Fate/Grand Order, Azur Lane, and e Arknights, among others, while character design was done by The Farthest Library in the Mirror, among others.

    Lost Epic transforms the player into a knight who challenges divinity, God Slayer, and leads them to the world of Sanctum in order to bring the pantheon of six to their knees.