Lost Judgment with PlayStation issues on launch

    This week, the huge Sega game Lost Judgment was launched, with significant upgrades over its predecessor and a slew of excellent reviews in the press. The game comes in three editions: regular, deluxe, and ultimate, with the basic version allowing players to play on 9/24 only, while the deluxe/ultimate versions allow players to play on 9/21 in advance.

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    The main issue is that some PlayStation 4 and 5 customers have expressed their disappointment with not being able to play the game despite having purchased it in advance. Many anticipated that because it was still the twenty-first, the game would work when the twenty-first arrived, but even after the count reached zero in some regions, such as Australia and New Zealand, gamers were unable to play. Knowing about these claims, the franchise’s creator, Ryu Ga Gotoku, responded to reports by saying that the situation would be fixed soon.

    The problem was detected quickly and has since been resolved, with the studio recommending that pre-purchased Playstation users restart their consoles, following which the game will be accessible for download and play. This is good news for gamers because it’s a quick remedy, but it might be bad news for the studio because users who paid more for early access to the game were unable to play it.

    The game will also be released on Xbox on the same date, but there have been no reports or remarks from the studio concerning any similar issues affecting Xbox customers who pre-purchased the game.