Marcus Lehto, co-creator and former director of Halo, rebuilds Combat Evolved sets on Unreal Engine 4

    Halo Infinite will use Halo rings as the backdrop for an open world style.

    While waiting for Infinite, Halo: Reach co-creator and former creative director Marcus Lehto (aka the Master Chief’s father/creator) kept himself busy by constructing a full-scale Halo ring on Unreal Engine 4. Along with Joseph Staten, Lehto was known for his contributions to Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo: Reach, where he was the game’s director.

    Lehto has spent the last few months recreating numerous famous Halo series artifacts and characters in UE4, ending in a full-scale rendering of Halo CE’s Delta Ring.

    “This is something we could never achieve in the original graphics engine,” Lehto explained in a tweet that included a photo of his Master Chief build and ring.

    “It looks a lot like how I portrayed it in CE!”

    Even Microsoft praised Master Chief’s father’s UE4 recreation of his original work in a comment on Marcus Lehto’s article.

    As Lehto worked on the full-scale Halo, he revealed several fascinating details regarding the structure’s size and construction. According to the previous creative director, Halo has a diameter of 10,000 kilometres, putting it at a distance of 12,742 kms from Earth.

    He also stated that the ring’s side walls are 15 km high and play a role in controlling the structure’s gravity-assisted atmosphere.

    Lehto began his professional project after demonstrating some early versions of the first Halo game in May. The demo he displayed was a pre-alpha version of the game that was planned for the Macworld release of Halo in 1999. Lehto presented various forgotten weapon concepts, empty areas, and early Halo models in a later showing of the original version. Halo: The Master Chef.

    Soon after, he started tweeting about his efforts to recreate ancient Master Chief models (in Combat Evolved) and the famous Assault Rifle in Unreal Engine 4.

    The reintroduction of Lehto to Halo is a very pleasant event for the fan community. Each of Lehto’s tweets with project updates is met with a flood of responses asking whether Master Chie’s titled father will consider developing Halo games again, this time at 343 Industries.

    This looks to be an unofficial passion project, but Lehto has said that he would be interested in working on a new Halo in a more official role.

    “I love Halo,” Lehto remarked in an interview with HiddenXperia.

    “I love every aspect of Halo. And I have a lot of thoughts about what may happen in the Halo universe. So, sure, I’d love to work on Halo again.”