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Marvel Snap: Get Ready for the Long-Awaited PvP Battle Mode in Late January – Play with Friends and Battle for Supremacy

On January 31st, Marvel Snap’s long-awaited PVP Battle Mode will be released to the public, barring any last-minute issues. This was revealed on the official Marvel Snap website, as well as on the Unity Blog by Second Dinner’s associate design director, Kent-Erik Hagman.

The Version 1.0 update will introduce a two-player battle system, where each player will begin with 10 health and the aim is to reduce the other player’s health to 0 before they do the same to you. Decks will remain the same throughout the battle, so it is important for players to pay attention to the cards that are being played in order to gain an advantage. The High Stakes Rounds will start with two Damage, making the game more intense and last approximately 20 minutes.

Marvel Snap’s Battle Mode is just the beginning, and although players can currently only face-off against opponents in their own matchmaking region, global matchmaking will be available soon.

The Version 1.0 update will also bring the Series Drop feature, which will see certain cards that are Series 5 (the rarest cards) drop down to Series 4, and certain cards that are Series 4 will move to Series 3. This will make the cards 10x more common in Collector’s Reserves, and much cheaper in the Token Shop. Players who acquire a Series 5 card before it drops will be awarded a special First Edition Badge.

For more information on Marvel Snap’s Battle Mode, visit the official website and the Unity Blog.

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