Playstation News - 13 de September, 2021

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was running in real time on PS5

According to Bryanna Lindsey of Insomniac Games, the excellent video for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 presented at last week’s PlayStation Showcase 2021 was running in real time on a PlayStation 5.

Many assumed it was all pre-rendered CGI and that the PlayStation 5 would be unable to show real-time visual sizes.

“The crew performed an outstanding job. Real-time VFX is difficult, but I’m very proud of our entire team for raising the standard of quality. “

Insomniac on the game:

“While pushing the console’s capabilities is very exciting, we’re just as excited to create entirely new stories for Peter and Miles in this sequel. As with our past Spider-Man games, we aim to convey a fascinating human tale, full of heart and comedy, that immerses you completely in the characters behind the mask, as well as a wonderful Super-Hero story.”

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