Meridian4 showcases upcoming line-up at Steam Next Fest

    All games are available as free demos during the event

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    Meridian4 will be present at the Steam Next Fest from October 1 to 7 with several demos of forthcoming games from a variety of genres. Players will be able to try out three games from their portfolio for free.


    Hirilun is a first-person time-trial platformer in which you explore a dark and weird city. Run, leap, glide, sprint, and dash to get the greatest time possible and compete with your friends on global leaderboards.


    Arpsic is a lighthearted musical rhythm game. You may teach yourself with intuitive courses, master the treble clef, bass clef, and more with Arpsic!

    Mars, R.D.

    RD Mars is a top-down shooter in which you play as Felix Darwins, an AI recreation of a once-great inventor. Investigate the laboratory and discover the reasons for his rise and collapse.