Metroid Dread has been optimized and now takes up just 4.1GB of Nintendo Switch storage

    Nintendo recently unveiled the Metroid Dread game at E3 2021, and the eShop was promptly pre-ordered. The game’s size was reported at the time as 6.9GB, which is pretty realistic given the Nintendo Switch’s storage capacity.

    Metroid Dread’s file size has increased to 4.1GB, according to information on the eShop page. It is unclear what prompted the change. Finally, gamers who choose the digital version will be able to conserve some space on their SD card or the console’s internal storage. If you prefer a physical edition, the game will be available in that format as well.

    MercurySteam appears to have made a few small tweaks to the game before its final release. Several specialized media outlets that played a “demo version” of the game noted that the gameplay was far more fluid than what was seen on Nintendo Treehouse. The cutscenes and certain aesthetic components were also slightly improved over previous Nintendo trailers.

    This isn’t the first time Nintendo has reduced the size of its Switch titles before their release. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury was first advertised as 5GB. However, around a month before the launch, Nintendo reduced the size of the game. The final version of the game took up 3GB of storage space.

    Metroid Dread will be available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on October 8th.