Neil Druckmann confirmed as one of the directors of The Last of Us series on HBO

    The series The Last of Us for HBO is in full gear, and as previously disclosed, Neil Druckmann is also behind the project and will script the series, but it has now been confirmed that Neil Druckmann will also be one of the series' directors. HBO provides The Last of Us.

    The following information originates from the Director’s Guild of Canada and was posted on Twitter by a user:

    Neil Druckmann is already well-known for his work on the franchise’s first and second games. The film The Last of Us. The Last of Us is presently being produced by director Craig Mazin, the creator of the award-winning HBO series Chernobyl.

    The plot will be based on the original game in the series, and will follow Joel and Ellie as they journey throughout the United States, striving to live at all costs in this harsh apocalyptic world, relying solely on each other’s assistance.

    The Last of Us is a television series that HBO has yet to announce a release date.