Game News - 1 de September, 2021

Neil Druckmann admits that he was aware that The Last of Us 2 would not appeal to every fan of the game

The Last of Us 2 has always been a topic of discussion, and this is nothing new. In a recent interview with Game Informer, which was published by Gamesradar, Neil Druckmann spoke about the award-winning game of the year, The Last of Us 2. He mostly discusses the unfavorable reaction to the game.

“When we started working on The Last of Us 2, we knew we were doing something that would rile up a portion of the fan base. It’s a pity, says Neil Druckmann, that some people didn’t enjoy The Last of Us 2 since it has some value and it’s worth investing years of our time developing it. “

Further into the interview, Neil Druckmann discusses the massive leak that The Last of Us 2 experienced. In case you missed it, significant elements of the game’s storyline were released, and it wasn’t just pictures, but movies with high image quality. Disclosing really significant facts that will occur in the game. According to Neil Druckmann:

“That was a pretty sad time for me, when we found out about the leaks before anyone got a chance to play it. That’s when we had a ton of bad notions and started to wonder, will this game be successful at all?” We had no idea how much the spill had harmed us. “

And, whether you played The Last of Us 2 or not, do you agree with Neil Druckmann’s assessment that the game did not satisfy all fans?

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