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Playstation News - 5 de September, 2021

According to David Jaffe, the next God of War will be 40 hours long




We haven’t heard anything new regarding the upcoming God of War game since it was announced. However, recent reports suggest that the game might make its debut at the Sony event next Thursday.

According to insider David Jaffe, God of War will be on the PlayStation Showcase in 2021: They’ll go insane when they find out what game the PlayStation is working on.

David Jaffe, the designer of the God of War franchise, has now spoken briefly about this new game on his YouTube channel. This new title will contain 40 hours of material, according to what he has heard from his sources.

Note: Click here to check the exact minute.

According to sources, this game will take 40 hours. They hope to provide 40 hours of gaming. I’m not sure if this is to complete the game completely for platinum or if it’s the average number of hours spent playing.

If true, this would be a significant improvement over the last game. However, David Jaffe maintains that this is not final, and that stuff may be deleted from the final game.

Granted? No. Things are removed, and other things are added. But what can I say now? They’re looking for 40 hours of gameplay in the next God of War.

God of War 2 will be published in 2022 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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