New leaks emerge regarding Skull & Bones gameplay and progression system

    While Ubisoft Singapore has remained silent on their Skull & Bones pirate game, a big new leak has appeared online. According to Tom Henderson, the game is "not even close to completion" but is "in a solid developing position."

    Henderson, a long-time industry source for Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Grand Theft Auto, revealed his insight on Twitter. Skull & Bones is presently “at a respectable spot with really strong fighting,” according to him, and many systems in the game are completely working.

    Henderson mentions in his subject that certain elements stay precisely as you remember them from the early E3 2017 videos, such as the perspective of a comparable ship and the third-person view while going ashore in safe harbors. Skull & Bones, on the other hand, is no Assassin’s Creed, so don’t anticipate amazing ground fighting, parkour, or anything of the kind (as in dear AC IV: Black Flag).

    Skull & Bones’ open world looks to be set in the Indian Ocean, with the mythical pirate paradise modeled in Madagascar. There will be recognizable locales, but there is a vast open sea in the middle of the game area that can be difficult to navigate.

    You’ll begin as a “nobody,” progressing from a modest fishing boat used for maritime exploration. Later on, you’ll perform many NPC tasks, build your pirate reputation, and gather materials to build your own pirate ship. Unlocking various ships necessitates the purchase of plants, which may be obtained in settlements after achieving specific reputation levels among the inhabitants.

    The amount of money you make completing tasks and cargo runs, assaulting ships, and plundering villages determines your advancement in Skull & Bones. To build better ships, you’ll need more than just money; you’ll also need the right materials, such as wood, metal, and fiber.

    In all, five ship levels are planned across three categories: cargo, naval combat, and exploration. Each ship in the game has its own arsenal of cannons, but you may equip it with other weapons such as ballistae, flamethrowers, and mortars. There will also be other forms of ammunition, such as chain-linked cannonballs.

    With the proper resources, you may improve your ship at any moment by adding more armor, foundries, storage boxes, and other functional upgrades that affect your ship’s stats. Skull & Bones, according to Henderson, also allows you to modify the sail, mast, interiors, and nearly every other aspect of your ship’s exterior appearance.

    The leaks have yet to be validated, as Ubisoft Singapore has not commented on the project in quite some time. The last time we heard anything about Skull & Bones was a year ago, when the studio announced that the game had been relaunched in a “new direction.”

    Skull & Bones is in the works for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.