New Phasmophobia update adds single-player mode

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    Phasmophobia is a cooperative psychological horror game for up to four players. The game has a simple gameplay where you and your friends must complete objectives to contact paranormal phenomena or the good old ghost.

    During missions, you can communicate with them and meet them at specific locations. Phasmophobia has been tremendously popular with streamers and YouTubers, becoming one of the most popular games last year. The same is true on Steam, where Phasmophobia is one of the most highly rated games, with over 317,000 favorable ratings, indicating a huge success.

    Kinetic Games has released a new anniversary update for Phasmophobia, which is presently accessible on Steam in early-access format. The latest version adds single-player mode, so if you’re bold and don’t rely on others, now is the time to go out on your own, terrified or not. The update also resolves a number of problems in the game.

    Phasmophobia is currently only available in early access on PC via Steam.

    Make a call to your friends to see who is the bravest.