New PS5 firmware improves performance on some games

    Good news for PlayStation 5 users: a new update for the console was recently released, bringing several new capabilities to the device, including support for installing SSDs, as well as compatibility for 3D audio on TVs.

    The introduction of new firmware for the console, specifically version “21.02-04.00.00,” is among the news. One of the changes included with this firmware was improved performance in some games. The funny thing is that Sony did not divulge this improvement, which was found by Digital Foundry.

    Control and Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition are the games in discussion. In the aforementioned titles, the PS5 saw a 2 FPS boost with the latest firmware. The test was done in graphical mode in Control, but it was done in Ray-Tracing mode in Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition. Other games, such as Resident Evil: Village and Godfall, did not demonstrate any differences.

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    Of course, the difference is modest, but it’s still an improvement, and if things keep going this way, we can expect that in two years’ time, with new firmwares, the same games will have a difference of 10 FPS or more.