New testing show that the new PS5 model warms up less than the original

    Austin Evans has sparked a fresh debate by revealing his findings, which show that the current PlayStation 5 model is hotter than the original.

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    For Evans, that’s enough to make it worse than the original model, and it demonstrated how Sony permits these systems to heat up faster by decreasing the size of the PS5’s radiator. However, fresh analyses have surfaced that suggest otherwise.

    Hardware Busters went a step farther than Evans in their experiments, measuring the temperature of the heat emitted by the console’s fans and examining the temperatures of the inside components, and discovered that the console actually warms up less.

    Despite the fact that the new model has a smaller heatsink, Hardware Busters claims that the CPU doesn’t heat up as much, running at a temperature 11 degrees Celsius lower than the previous model. The memory, on the other hand, warms up more and can reach temperatures up to 8 degrees Celsius greater than what is recorded on the original model.

    Despite this, Hardware Busters believes that the new model is preferable because, despite the smaller heatsink, it has higher performance and efficiency since, despite the negative difference in memory temperature, the most important factor is the CPU temperature.