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iOS Gaming News - Android News - Playstation News - 14 de September, 2021

New update for PlayStation 5 arrives tomorrow




Tomorrow is a big day for PlayStation 5 owners, especially those who wish to extend the capacity of their system with an SSD M.2, which was previously only available in the Beta version, but with this update, any user will be able to do so.

Sony reminds you that if you wish to expand the console’s capacity, you must purchase a suitable SSD; for more information, go here.

Another significant announcement is 3D audio compatibility for TVs with built-in speakers; you can enable this option to have the best audio possible on your TV, thanks to your PS5, providing a high level of immersion.

Remember that this option also exists for Headsets, and since we’ve mentioned them, another innovation is the 3D pulse, which now has an equalization setting in the Sound settings, allowing you to personalize your sound profile to your preference.

Other enhancements center on the PS App and PS Remote Play App, allowing players to play through streaming on any suitable device linked to your broadband service, while gamers using the iOS and Android mobile apps now have the option to use a mobile data connection even when WiFi is not available.

The global update will be available tomorrow.

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