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Gaming Videos - PC Gaming News - Playstation News - Xbox News - 23 de August, 2021

NHL 22 has been officially revealed by Electronic Arts, and it will make use of the new Frostbite 4 graphics engine




After almost a decade of using the EA Ignite Engine, the NHL franchise is also making the switch, and starting with the franquia’s next season opener, NHL 22, the game’s developer, EA Vancouver, will use the Frostbite 4 engine as its primary graphics engine.

Despite the fact that the NHL’s sales have not kept pace with FIFA’s, the NHL’s most recent game, which was released last year, has not garnered the same level of enthusiasm as some of the company’s other sports franchises, selling only a little more than 8 million copies.

The change in the graphic engine appears to have resulted in a significant improvement in the visual quality. Apart from that, Microsoft and the Xbox have reclaimed the NHL’s partnership and marketing rights after a five-year absence (the company will also reclaim the Madden NFL franchise in 2020), leaving just the FIFA franchise with the PlayStation.

In addition to the change in the game’s graphics engine, EA Vancouver is introducing the “X-Factors” (not the music program, rs), a new series of special moves for the game’s most experienced players. The following is a list of the NHL 22’s new tools and resources:

“For the first time, Frostbite 4 enters the EA Sports NHL franchise, making NHL 22 the franchise’s most significant leap forward in graphics and playability. The players will be brought to life using re-enactments, fabric animations, and micro-details uniforms, all of which will be shown in high resolution to make each point visible.”

” With these advancements, a new level of spatial awareness will emerge, allowing players to rastreate and react to the world around them. Aside from improved player details and visual fidelity, jogability on the ice will be updated with new fisically precise interaçions, being this only one of several jogability improvements in NHL 22. ”

Like FIFA 22 and Call of Duty: Vanguard, there is no single US$ 60 or US$ 70 price point that covers both platforms. As a result, if you want to be able to play on both the previous and current generations of the game, you will have to spend a little more money than that.

NHL 22 will be released for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC on the 15th of October in 2021.

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