Nintendo commercially releases Metroid Dread and Nintendo Switch – OLED Model

    Nintendo has recently published marketing materials for Metroid Dread and the Nintendo Switch (OLED model). The game and the new model will be available on October 8th.

    Game description:

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    Join Samus Aran, the bounty hunter, in her first all-new 2D Metroid tale in 19 years.

    Samus’ journey continues following the events of Metroid Fusion, as she arrives on planet ZDR to investigate unusual communications made to the Galactic Federation. This distant planet has been overrun by ferocious alien monsters and terrifying mechanical dangers. Samus is more nimble and deft than ever before, but will she be able to resist the inhuman menace that stalks the depths of ZDR?

    Face relentless EMMI robots

    The intimidating EMMI robots, which were formerly used to harvest DNA, are now on the hunt for Samus. Your nerves will be frayed as you flee these EMMI in order to avoid a terrible death and try to discover a means to destroy them. Discover what transformed these artificial wonders into ZDR’s filth and devise a means to leave alive.