Nintendo News - 8 de September, 2021

Nintendo fires a hand-drawn Metroid and Zelda guide artist


According to the artist in charge of KickStarter (Philip Summers), the decision to stop Kickstarter was his alone, and “no specific corporation” contacted him.

The Original Story:

Nintendo ordered Nintendo game designer Philip Summers to stop his Kickstarter campaign “Hand-Drawn Walkthroughs,” which had already earned $300,000 (about R$1.5 million). Summers stated that he had not received court orders but did have “legal difficulties.”

Hand-drawn Game Guides designer Philip Summers knew launching his gorgeous Nintendo Game Guides in the manner of an artist book on Kickstarter was a legal risk, but it was one he was prepared to accept. You can understand why when you go through your unauthorized Metroid, Contra, Ninja Gaiden, and Legend of Zelda guides.

The project’s Kickstarter page included a series of brilliantly colored comic book courses meant to guide players through the complicated goals and objectives of each featured game. According to Summers, the goal of these guides was to recreate the sensation of flicking through a decent game guide as a youngster, with all of the marvels and spectacles that came with it; the guide would employ arts in the 90s manner.

Summers mentions being approached by a Nintendo lawyer in another Kickstarter update, but no one has been implicated as the cause of the project’s termination. He took the choice to quit the project after that, albeit he claims that it was not the consequence of a specific stoppage and withdrawal.

Source: Kotaku

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