NoClip and Arkane Austin team up in a special documentary to talk about Prey 2017

    While players continue to explore the timeless world of Deathloop, the popular NoClip YouTube channel has launched a new full-length documentary on Prey, a revival of the Sci-Fi franchise debuted in 2017 by the brilliant Arkane Austin, part of Arkane Studios.

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    The video, which lasts approximately an hour, thoroughly examines the development process that resulted in the creation of one of the Immersive Sims that most successfully brought innovation and richness to critical and player acclaim.

    The video begins with what inspired Arkane Austin to name the project Prey, which is a revival of the Human Head Studios brand launched in 2006.

    We then move on to the game’s actual content, beginning with the intricate structure of the Talos I research station and progressing through the choices the player can make during the space adventure, the difficulties in making the GLOO cannon, and finally the Mooncrash expansion, which turns the game into a Roguelike.

    In a nutshell, it’s a comprehensive overview of the first-person science-fiction experience, allowing you to learn even more about Arkane Austin and Bethesda Softworks’ work.

    Still on the subject, NoClip just released a video about Arkane Studios as a whole, focusing on the studio’s founding as well as its canceled projects, such as Half-Life Ravenholm and The Crossing.