NVIDIA Announces GeForce RTX Promotion with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

    Customers who purchase a desktop or notebook equipped with GeForce RTX 3060 or higher boards from approved manufacturers beginning this Tuesday (5th) will receive the Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy action adventure title Galaxy until October 28, 2021.

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    Anyone interested in acquiring a GeForce RTX graphics card or other GeForce RTX-based devices can visit the NVIDIA website to view some special offers for Children’s Day.

    Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, which is set to be released on October 26, tells the narrative of Star-Lord, the leader of an eclectic gang of heroes tasked with saving the galaxy. With all of the Guardians’ might, it will be required to use distinct abilities in conjunction with the group to eliminate the dangers. Furthermore, all decisions have consequences, which might result in amusing or disastrous outcomes.

    GeForce RTX graphics cards are ideal for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, which features NVIDIA-exclusive technologies. Such as Ray Tracing and NVIDIA DLSS, which use artificial intelligence to increase visual quality while increasing performance.

    GeForce Experience is used to redeem bundles. To enter the game, simply purchase one of the participating products by October 28, 2021. By January 6, 2022, the code must be redeemed. The complete terms of the promotion can be seen here.

    Offers for Children’s Day

    Children’s Day is approaching, and with it, the opportunity to play the new Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and other more enjoyable game releases with children. Desktops or notebooks with GeForce GTX or GeForce RTX graphics cards are required for a good gaming experience and are an important investment for studies.You will get the best deals on NVIDIA-selected products if you follow this link.

    NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX graphics cards provide the best performance and graphical quality. They include GeForce Experience support, which includes continual driver upgrades even before the most anticipated games are launched, as well as unique features such as NVIDIA Freestyle, which adds distinctive filters that transform the aesthetic of games.