October’s Stadia PRO games were revealed, highlighting Remedy’s Control

    Google has now announced the next titles that will be available to Stadia PRO subscribers beginning October 1st, with the title Control by Remedy being the highlight of the month.

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    With the addition of five new games to the PRO subscription this month, subscribers now have access to a total of 37 games. Pro subscribers will be able to claim these titles for free and retain them for the duration of their subscription.

    Check out the games listed below:

    • Control Ultimate Edition
    • Hello Engineer – Early Access
    • DreamWorks Spirit Lucky‚Äôs Big Adventure
    • Cake Bash
    • Unto The End

    Stadia PRO is the Stadia Subscription plan that is available as an alternative. Google now allows customers to buy games directly from the store to play through streaming without having to pay a subscription fee, providing them with lifetime access to the purchased game. The store also includes games that are absolutely free to play, such as Destiny 2, Crayta, and Bomberman R Online.