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Official artwork of Thor from God of War Ragnarok divides comments

Sony revealed the visuals for several game characters, including the god Thor, in a new video for God of War Ragnarok. It happened that his appearance surprised some people since it was so different from what the majority of the public was used to seeing in Marvel films.

Following the publication of the game’s Brazilian creator, Rafael Grassetti, this resulted in a flurry of comments on Twitter.

Although the majority of responses appreciated Grassetti’s Thor, who has an apparently big and muscular bearing as well as red hair, a tiny fraction questioned the invention and overall design, despite the fact that he has a proposal that is somewhat faithful to Norse mythology.

“I’m not sure whether it’s a joke or not,” user @isaqueucdc remarked, while @Mojica Rosas added, “Taken inspiration from Thor de Avengers: Ultimatum, no?” Spectacular work, my dear, “maybe ironically.

“Break my expectations (sic), I assumed it was a version of Thor practically exploding with muscle. I hope he is at least powerful!” I said @BielLexOfficial. The account @DoentesPFutebol, on the other side, praised the image as the “best portrayal of Thor ever.”

Many people have noted that this God of War Thor resembles a number of prominent sportsmen and wrestlers, including former WWE wrestler Mark Henry and bodybuilder Eddie Hall, who has won multiple Man Plus contests. The World’s Fort

Aside from having a more accurate portrayal of what is in mythology, and outside of Marvel movies, it is important to understand that Thor, like other gods, is occasionally represented in several formats. In the case of the thunder god, he was even a pig – and a frog, if American cartoons are to be believed.

The Eurogamer website also used the incident to call attention to the portrayal of overweight people in games and in general in entertainment. The opinionated article, signed by editor Wesley Yin-Poole, informs us that people of this physical size are usually portrayed as humorous or condemning figures—he cites the merchant Duke from Resident Evil Village as an example.

Yin-Poole complimented Thor from God of War Ragnarok and expressed his desire for more performances that are “not a horrible joke.”

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