Game News - 26 de August, 2021

Overwatch’s McCree will be renamed by Blizzard to avoid being named after a former employee

Today, the Overwatch development team revealed that one of the game’s initial launch characters has had his name changed. Following the departure of his namesake from the business, the revolver-toting cowboy McCree will have his given name changed to something more appropriate.

The Overwatch team announced today that McCree’s name would be changed in order to “better reflect what Overwatch stands for” in a statement distributed on social media. Going forward, the Overwatch team has said that it will not be naming any additional in-game characters after actual workers, and that it would be “more careful and selective” when it comes to using real-world references in future Overwatch material.

“Working on these revisions is underway and is only one of our continuous commitment to honest evaluation and change, to build a worthwhile future,” says the statement. “We realize that actions speak louder than words and aim to demonstrate our willingness to make Overwatch a better experience and make our team the best we can.”

The team expects to make these modifications in a future arc of story, which was scheduled to start in September but will be delayed until later this year because of the change. Instead, a new FFA map will be launched in September.

McCree’s name is one of several workers that left the business following California’s lawsuit against Activision Blizzard, which charges discrimination and a culture of toxic work within the corporation. The company’s employees have staged a walk-out and established a coalition and signed letters demanding changes to Activision Blizzard’s leadership.

Axios recently reported that the case has been extended to include contingent or temporary workers against Activision Blizzard and contained further claims of the destruction of documents relating to the inquiry.

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