Pearl Abyss says players only saw 10% of the entire open world of DokeV

    In a recent interview with IGN, Pearl Abyss Lead Producer Sangyoung Kim recalled the introduction of DokeV gameplay at Gamescom 2021 and explained that the scenario shown by players in the video represents just 10% of the area and final content.

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    After allowing colleagues to clear up the misunderstanding caused by DokeV’s gameplay, the designer of the South Korean game production and distribution company pondered on the title’s content and notes that:

    “By incorporating White Whale Town into the trailers, you may get a look at two more cities, both of which will be completely exploitable. I don’t have exact figures, but the portions seen in the trailers account for less than 10% of the exploitable parts “”areas”

    “The map is quite big and ranges from being intriguing and entertaining to opting to travel without engaging in other activities.”

    During the interview, Sangyoung Kim stated that players would be able to explore the enormous distances of the wide open world using a variety of modes of transportation. There will be jet skis, riding alpacas, hang gliding umbrellas, bicycles, vehicles, and many other vehicles in addition to the skateboards seen in previous films.

    According to Kim, the presence of the day and night cycle, the alternation of seasons, and, with them, the comparatively unusual meteorological and climatic circumstances would all accentuate DokeV’s free roaming nature. To that aim, in a collaboration announced a few weeks ago, the company integrated its graphics engine technology with Microsoft’s Azure IA.

    This functionality was also employed by Asobo Studio in Flight Simulator, where the FTech Engine’s (ForzaTech) physics, texturing, and width sides were integrated with Azure and Bing, resulting in the reconstruction of the whole planet as an open environment.

    Regarding the game’s launch window (which will first be available on PCs and subsequently consoles), the Pearl Abyss lead producer ends his statement by thanking fans and inviting them to be patient, because despite the game being in full production, it will be some time before it hits the market (as well as Crimson Desert, another ambitious Pearl Abyss game).