PlatinumGames plans to significantly improve Babylon’s Fall graphics

    Square Enix unveiled the Babylon’s Fall teaser at E3 2021 in June. This trailer has poor graphics, which clearly disappointed many PlatinumGames fans. Fortunately, the game’s graphics are now being improved by the development team.

    The “unique oil painting style” of Babylon’s Fall will be retained. It will, however, have better visuals than those shown in June.

    PlatinumGames has produced the following comparative screenshot to highlight some of these graphical enhancements. As we can see, the latest edition of the game looks far superior.

    Babylon’s Fall, developed by Platinum Games, is an action game with combat reminiscent of classic hack and slash with cooperative support for up to four players. As he progresses, the player will fight foes and eventually confront bosses, which he must defeat in order to continue the story.