Game News - 24 de August, 2021

PlayStation confirms their attendance at Gamescom’s Opening Night Live

It has been revealed for some time who will be attending Gamescom 2021, and unfortunately, the PlayStation will not be attending this year’s show, but things have changed, as a post by Geoff Keighley confirms that indeed, the PlayStation will be present during the Opening Night Live of Gamescom.

Number of companies, including Xbox, Electronic Arts, Bethesda Softworks, and Bandai Namco Games, will attend the event.

Unfortunately, no one knows what will be shown with the “single” PlayStation, although many believe it will be something related to Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, which was confirmed at the event with new gameplay. But, in any case, who knows what else appears for the fs’s joy?

The Gamescom 2021 event is scheduled to begin tomorrow, August 25th.

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