PlayStation Studios’ official Steam page has seen a huge increase in followers after its promotion on the platform

    Last week, Sony launched a new offer with titles accessible on Steam, and as a result of this promotion, the official PlayStation Studios page on Steam saw a significant boost in followers following its promotion on the platform

    Not long ago, Sony decided to create an official PlayStation Studios page on Steam, where you could add games like Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition, Predator: Hunting Grounds, and others.

    According to Twitter user Morwull, the PlayStation Studios page had 69,700 followers prior to the promotion and now has over 145,000 followers, representing a 108 percent increase.

    All of this is thanks to the Steam promotion, which showed many gamers the PlayStation Studios titles that are available on Steam. Shawn Layden has stated that Sony will never release a PlayStation exclusive like Day-One on PC, and that a PlayStation exclusive game may launch on PC 18 to 24 months after its initial release.

    And did you purchase a game as part of the PlayStation Studios deal, or are you following the same page on Steam?