Presentation of Sandwalkers: A Roguelike RPG set in the Middle of a fantastical climate crisis

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    When a climatic catastrophe occurs, what would the landscape of a fantasy planet filled with anthropomorphic animals look like? Perhaps something along the lines of Sandwalkers, a roguelike about attempting to rebuild a desert planet after a weather catastrophe renders the majority of it unusable, might be appropriate.

    Sandwalkers, which was shown today at Gamescom’s Awesome Indies presentation, puts you in the shoes of the Mka tribe, a clan that sends a fresh caravan of explorers into the meteorological chaos outside of their home city every decade in the hopes of finding a new safe refuge somewhere on the globe.

    Roguelike in nature, each caravan tries to go farther than the previous one, transmitting memories of their trip back to the capital so that the following group may utilize them to their advantage as they fend off waves of hostile creatures or battle adversaries while also contending with the weather.

    One caravan’s decisions will have an effect on future trips, and caravans may be composed of individuals from various classes, such as archeologists or hunters, who each have their own set of strengths and weaknesses in the game.

    Sandwalkers will be released on the PC and Nintendo Switch at a later date in 2019.