PS5 update for Watch Dogs Legion draws attention for its smaller size compared to other platforms

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    Ubisoft has confirmed that a new update for Watch Dogs Legion is on its way and will be available today.

    The size of the update on each platform drew a lot of attention, since in the PlayStation 5 version, you will only have to download 3.2 GB, but if you play on Xbox Series X, you will have to download 40.2 GB, a significant difference.

    Update weight on all platforms:

    1. PS4: 26.6gb
    2. PS5: 3.2gb
    3. XB1: 23.8gb
    4. XSX: 40.2gb
    5. PC/Stadia: 25.98gb

    The update is straightforward, but it is quite big, with the exception of the PS5 version. Anyway, this reduced size might be a result of the Kraken technology that the PS5 uses to minimize the size of their games; another recent example was the Tales of Arise size, which weighs 20 GB less than the PS4.

    Watch Dogs Legion is now available on a variety of platforms.