Quantic Dream comments on his new big project AAA and his studio in Montreal

    The Quantic Dream company has always been a pioneer in developing games with great story and character building, as seen by titles such as Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human.

    In 2021, the David Cage-led studio established a subsidiary in Montreal, Canada, led by former Eidos-Montreal technical director, game authors such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution & Mankind Divided, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, with a focus on broadening the company’s culture and the initiative to create new game ideas.

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    As you may recall, Quantic Dream recently sold a minority studio share to NetEase Games (in exchange for $100 million in financing) and transformed itself into a fully cross-platform studio after completely divesting itself of Sony Interactive Entertainment, which had been its major partnership for ten years.

    Cage remarked on the creation of Quantic Dream Montreal and what it means for the original company in Paris during an interview with IGN, saying that they would not be studios operating independently, but rather in a united manner to provide high-quality games to the AAA field:

    “With the establishment of Quantic Dream Montreal, we are following a long-term goal of seeking out the finest and most experienced individuals with particular knowledge, people who are passionate about working on new and ambitious AAA games. With this new studio, we do not want to increase or accelerate the cadence or to become a “factory” of items.”

    D’Astous, the studio’s head in MontrĂ©al, agreed, adding:

    “Obviously, time and schedule are essential factors in AAA game production, but don’t believe that establishing a second studio would reduce the development process in half. Our next game has great ambitions, and we’ll release it when it’s ready, just as we’ve done with all the other Quantic Dream games.”

    In terms of genre and game structure, David Cage didn’t reveal much about Quantic Dream’s upcoming AAA, stating only that the company “wants to develop other things” and game structures that are different from what they currently produce, implying that their next release would include combat.

    “As a designer, my professional path has shown me that I appreciate writing interactive stories in which players are the protagonists, that producing emotion in a game is hard and intriguing, and that I enjoy creating meaningful experiences through challenging players’ moral values.”

    But I also feel that there are other ways to convey compelling and emotional stories that we haven’t seen before, and I’m eager to explore new avenues.”

    At 51, Cage says he’s no longer interested in “milking a unique recipe and just making more games in the manner we’ve produced in the past.”

    They established a new motion-capture studio (motion capture) for this purpose, allowing the development of even more realistic animations that are considered to be able to flow dynamically in a game, such as an open world game.

    Cage also stated that Quantic Dream is working on upgrading its internal graphics engine to enable a cutting-edge lighting system and powerful AI, mainly to take advantage of the improved readability on the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 hardware.

    Whatever title Quantic Dream is working on, one thing is for sure: it will include highly sophisticated technology and, as stated by the company, will be capable of breaking through the barrier of pure story games. Are you looking forward to the project? Please share your thoughts in the comments area below.