Quantic Dream loses one of its lawsuits involving harassment and toxic culture

    A verdict was reached in the libel trial against Quantic Dream and the French publications Le Monde and Mediapart.

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    According to reports from the game workers’ unions Solidaires Informatique and STJV, Mediapart was cleared of all allegations, whereas Le Monde was found guilty of defamation.

    The verdict was delivered on September 9, but none of the parties involved commented on the outcome. Several collectives contacted Quantic Dream for comment.

    Both media were sued in 2018 over rumors of a hostile workplace culture at Heavy Rain’s developer, which Quantic Dream disputed, as well as allegations of financial irresponsibility.

    The trial was held on May 27 and 29, resulting in contradicting reports from the parties involved. Following the publication of these revelations, former workers who were allegedly targeted for derogatory photos filed a lawsuit against Quantic Dream.

    In 2019, the studio was ordered to pay a former employee €7,000 for an offensive photoshopped image, although the court recently overturned a July 2018 decision involving another employee.

    Finally, the Court of Appeals determined that none of the modified photographs involving this particular plaintiff were demeaning, homophobic, or racist.