Quantic Dream’s Star Wars can feature open world and multiplayer elements

    Recently, rumors began to circulate that Quantic Dream, the studio behind Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, would be working on a new Star Wars game.

    The news was first reported by the Italian website Video games, which stated that Quantic Dream had already reached an agreement with Disney. In addition, the story was fueled by Tom Henderson, a well-known industry insider.

    Now, it appears that new information about the project is starting to emerge. According to Kotaku’s sources, the game has been in production for a year and a half and would abandon the QTE style of the company’s previous games in favor of a regular action title.

    Also, rather than the linear structure found in previous Quantic Dream titles, it appears that the game can rely on an open universe. Kotaku also mentions possible multiplayer components in this game, though no details on how they will work are available.

    It will be interesting to watch how the studio’s new strategy pans out, given the studio has primarily focused on QTE-based narrative linear games since the publication of Indigo Prophecy in 2005.