Press Release - 8 de September, 2021

Razer announces new fabric variants of the Iskur series of ergonomic gaming chairs

Razer has unveiled new fabric variants of its award-winning Razer Iskur ergonomic gaming chair, giving gamers additional options for their battle station thrones.

The Razer Iskur Fabric variant is lined with a super soft, water-resistant fabric with a smooth yet robust finish, which has been a much sought-after feature by the Razer community. The high-density weave fabric has a pleasant feel yet is robust enough for daily usage. It is also water, oil, and dust resistant. The fabric version retains the ergonomic support and excellent posture that have made the Razer Iskur chair series so well-known, and even includes a novel lumbar support system. The Razer Iskur in Fabric will be available in an XL size as well.

The Razer Iskur family is now complete, thanks to the recent release of the Razer Iskur and Razer Iskur X in XL sizes. The XL variants are 15% bigger than the full-size ones, providing extra space for gamers thanks to a higher back and broader seat. The XL variants are intended for users up to 208 cm (6’8″) tall and 180 kg (396 pounds), making them more accessible to a wider range of people.

Please go to the Razer Iskur fabric variants page for additional details. 

The new Razer Iskur and Iskur XL Fabrics provide gamers with more alternatives when selecting award-winning gaming chair for their battle stations. 

The new Razer Iskur and Iskur XL Fabric will be available on September 2, 2021, at 8 a.m. PDT/5 p.m. CEST/11 p.m. SGT.

The new Razer Iskur Fabric retails for $499 USD, while the XL model retails for $599 USD.

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