Razer Anzu, the company’s latest smart glasses.

    The Razer Anzu combines lenses with 35% blue light protection, 100% UVA/UVB polarized sunglasses, tactile control, and audio to produce a one-of-a-kind wearable.

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    The Razer Anzu enhances the teleworking experience while also providing a chance to display your unique style in digital entertainment and outdoor activities.

    Thanks to the added immersion of wireless audio and low-latency Bluetooth technology, Razer’s connectivity offers more freedom and ease of use for day-to-day tasks like going to the gym or working from home. Lightweight, ergonomic design, weighing less than 48g, providing a comfortable fit when in use for long periods of time, especially while working from home often.

    Razer Anzu, the company's latest smart glasses. | Gamingnovato

    Both rectangular and circular models of the Razer Anzus will be available for purchase on in two sizes, including flexible hinges for convenient storage.

    The Razer Anzu advances wearables by making the whole usage experience and wearer comfort much more convenient, and it protects against blue and ultraviolet radiation as well. The Anzu will allow Razer to join the market when more people are working from home, where protection of the eyes, hands-free communication, and smartphone-integrated features are popular.

    Said John Moore, Sales Chief & Razer Marketer. 

    The Razer Anzu are available in a number of various sizes and designs, and include a water-resistant IPX4 construction that will not be hampered by accidental spills or inclement weather. Along with the accessories in the box, Anzu Smart Glasses help to filter blue light, and include polarized lenses that block 99% of UVA/UVB rays. Additionally, these shades feature USB-A charging cables, cleaning cloths, and storage compartments for the lenses and frames.

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