Technology News - 8 de April, 2021

Razer has announced the launch of the KANAGAWA WAVE clothes range, which is created from marine trash.

Razer has unveiled the Kanagawa Wave Clothing Collection, a limited-edition clothing line constructed from recovered marine trash. The garments, which are decorated with a stylized interpretation of the famous work The Great Wave of Kanagawa, are intended to draw attention to the issue of plastic debris pollution in the oceans and to fund initiatives to reduce this problem, thereby protecting the oceans and the beings that live in them.

Fans will have to be quick

The collection will be released on April 7, 2021 at 7pm PDT, in very limited quantities, so fans wanting to get their hands on the exclusive Kanagawa Wave line need to be quick and visit kanagawa-wave to receive notification when the wave will break. Taking into account the latest release of a Razer clothing line, ‘A GAMING APE’, which sold out in minutes, fans are advised to register in advance so as not to lose their outfit.

Each item in this range, which includes a hoodie, t-shirt, armhole, shorts, and cap, is produced from high-quality materials manufactured from 100 percent recycled plastic collected from the sea. The textiles are produced as part of a larger effort to collect trash from the waters and recycle it into usable items, which currently includes Razer’s amazing Kanagawa Wave apparel line.

Every year, around 11 million tons of plastic wind up in the seas, endangering marine life and silently infiltrating the food chain. Proceeds from the Kanagawa Wave collection will be used to recover plastic marine trash in coastal regions and to aid the world’s most vulnerable marine species. Razer will fund the recovery of 1 kilogram of plastic marine trash for every unit sold in this collection.

#GoGreenWithRazer and help salve the planet

The Kanagawa Wave clothing line is Razer’s second environmentally focused initiative under the recently announced #GoGreenWithRazer banner, and follows the huge success of Razer’s mascot Sneki Snek’s Conservation Program, which surpassed the original goal of saving 100,000 trees and now aims to save 1,000,000 trees.

Razer aims to come together and inspire the gaming community to help protect nature and guarantee the globe remains an arena in which we can all play through these and other projects.

Please visit for more information on the Kanagawa Wave clothing line, to register and get alerts, or to purchase items when it becomes available.

For information about the #GoGreenWithRazer campaign, please visit


Hoodie com fecho-éclair Razer Kanagawa Wave: 159.99€
T-shirt Razer Kanagawa Wave: 99.99€
Cavas Razer Kanagawa Wave: 79.99€
Calções Razer Kanagawa Wave: 89.99€
Boné Razer Kanagawa Wave: 59.99€

Items will be available on beginning April 7, 2021 at 7 p.m. PDT / April 8, 2021 at 4 a.m. CEST / April 8, 2021 at 10 a.m. SGT, with a limit of 1337 units.

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