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Technology News - 9 de August, 2021

Razer’s new mask is called Zephyr, and it’s looking for beta testers.




The Razer Hazel Project’s intelligent mask received a name:  Razer Zephyr. The company is looking for beta testers in advance of its Q4 launch.

We were still in the beginning of the covid-19 epidemic when Razer first unveiled their Project Hazel intelligent mask at CES 2021. The company stated in the spring that this would be a legal shipping product. However, in light of the terrifying news that the COVID-19 caseload would be expanding even more, Razer unveiled a new product name, Zephyr, and is currently seeking beta testers ahead of a Q4 release.

Razer’s zephyr mask is still identical to its predecessor, except it is now translucent. The new design makes it easier to communicate with those who have better reading ability, better than listening to the sound capture. Additionally, it gets rid of muffle with the use of a microphone and integrated amplifier built into the mask.
And, being a Razer device, it is equipped with Razer Chroma technology, which automatically activates, rendering the movements visible in both light and darkness.

Zephyr of Razer is an impermeable and rugged plastic face mask made from recycled plastic. Provides active ventilation, adjustable ear straps, and wire-free charging. Please visit to register for the beta. The company will publicly announce the price in advance.

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