Release date for Resident Evil 4 VR is announced

    Capcom unveiled Resident Evil 4 VR on Oculus Quest 2 months ago during the Resident Evil Showcase. One of the new improvements is that the game will now be completely first-person, whereas Resident Evil 4's default camera is third-person.

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    Previously, there was no release date for this new VR edition of Resident Evil 4, but that has now changed, and the game will be officially launched on October 21st. An intriguing new element of the VR edition is the ability to draw your weapons directly from Leon’s “body” in the game, slightly altering the typical Resident Evil 4 gameplay. The game will also receive general enhancements in terms of aesthetics, puzzles, and other features.

    In Resident Evil 4, the protagonist Leon is hired as a bodyguard for the daughter of the US president, but she is abducted and brought to a town in Europe before the duty begins. There, he is chased by locals who do not appear to be zombies but attempt to kill him while in a trance.

    These folks are not as stupid as the series’ previous antagonists, but they are armed with various farm tools. Fans of the undead don’t need to fear; they’re still in the game… but it’s getting more difficult to tell who’s going to aid you and who’s going to kill you.

    Resident Evil 4 was launched in 2005 and has multiple versions for various platforms.