Resident Evil 1 Unity remake gets new first person gameplay

    The first game in the Resident Evil franchise already has a version with general visual enhancements, but what will it be like to play Resident Evil 1 in first person, with improvements, and all done with the Unity Engine? Someone did it, after all.

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    We already have two massive Capcom hits in first person, Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village, and everything implies that the upcoming release will be as well. You may now play Resident Evil 1 in first-person mode, thanks to a fan-made remake. The person in charge of constructing this version was “perroautonomo,” and a video of how the game is progressing was uploaded on the Residence of Evil channel.

    Resident Evil is a survival horror classic in which a group of special forces agents known as STARS combat hordes of zombies and other mutants in a mysterious mansion while attempting to learn the truth behind the horrifying virus.

    Resident Evil was first launched for the PlayStation in 1996, and it was then released for the PC in 1997.