Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Edition has leaked box art

    Resident Evil 3’s potential “Gold Edition” has been reported for a few days, after a supposed description “leaked” on Reddit. With new box art, the rumor is getting popular.

    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Edition has leaked box art | Gamingnovato

    The rumor mentions several details that are consistent with earlier rumors:

    • Standard and Deluxe Editions.
    • Ray Tracing and 60 FPS for XSX, PC, and PS5.
    • Additional areas, enemies, and cutscenes.
    • An unexpected reveal at the Tokyo Game Show 2021.
    • Reworked AI and graphical update for Nemesis.
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    It goes without saying that this is merely a rumor, but there are three factors that could give this report creditability:

    1. Playasia also leaked the cover of Castlevania Advance Collection approximately a day ago, which was confirmed in yesterday’s announcement, 23, by Nintendo Direct.

    2. Nicole Tompkins, Jill Valentine’s voice actress, stated that something unique will occur on September 28th, which is when the original plot of Resident Evil 3 begins.

    3. At the Tokyo Game Show 2021, Capcom will provide a 50-minute presentation. Considering Capcom’s current game lineup, there isn’t much mentioned that will receive upgrades, so it appears that we’ll have new announcements, which may include Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Edition.

    But we’ll have to keep wondering and waiting till the 30th. Do you think this might happen?