Returnal wins video showing how Housemarque created the special effects present in the game

    Returnal is the latest release from Housemarque and one of the best PlayStation 5 first-party exclusives. The game is a third-person roguelike with loads of action and pace, as well as a suspenseful plot.

    Returnal’s special effects, the weapons when you shoot, and the enemies in general, provide a distinct and more realistic touch to the game with their particles. Today, a video was published with further information regarding the effects seen in the game. Remember that the video contains some visual spoilers for enemies, locations, and even bosses.

    About Return:

    Selene will have to explore the desolate landscape of an old civilization to escape after crashing landing in this shape-shifting universe. She will have to battle tooth and nail to live, isolated and alone. She will be vanquished again and again, and she will be forced to begin her quest whenever she dies.

    You will discover that, just as this planet changes with each cycle, so will the goods at your disposal. Each loop will provide you with fresh combinations, challenging you to test your boundaries and employ a new strategy.

    Returnal is now available for the PlayStation 5 only.