Roberto Serrano says Microsoft’s big takeover rumor is just speculation

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    There have been a number of speculations recently that Microsoft is planning another large purchase on the level of Bethesda, with names like Take-Two, Warner Bros., and Valve.

    Many industry insiders have been feeding this rumor, claiming to have heard that the company was about to announce a significant purchase.

    Insider Robert Serrano, on the other hand, has arrived to report on what he has learned about the situation. According to him, the reports of this large acquisition are only speculative.

    What will actually happen, according to Serrano, is that a well-known firm will join the Xbox Game Studio family.

    Following a few examinations, this looks to be mere speculation.

    The only solid news is that a well-known firm is preparing to join the Xbox Game Studios family.

    Some think that People Can Fly will join Xbox Game Studios, based on Serrano’s “Now I can fly away” statement. Asobo Team is another good choice because it has a long history of working with Microsoft.