Rockstar is blocking comments with mentions of “GTA 6” on its YouTube channel

    The long-awaited GTA 6 has already become a legend, and its existence is unknown. The GTA community is massive, and even those who aren't die-hard Rockstar fans are curious to see what GTA 6 has in store when it's released, if at all.

    GTA 6 is being requested by fans everywhere, even Rockstar’s official YouTube account. However, everything seems that Rockstar is dissatisfied with these requests and has opted to automatically remove any comments on their YouTube channel that mention “GTA 6.”

    This strange fact was discovered on Twitter by The Strange Man Expanded and Enhanced:

    Rockstar is presently working on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X versions of GTA V, and the trailer is being panned by the community, which is unhappy with the way the GTA franchise is headed.

    Also this month, GTA V celebrated its eighth anniversary since its first release on September 17, 2013, exclusively for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.