Nintendo News - 5 de September, 2021

According to rumors, Alan Wake Remastered will use the same Control engine

Rumors of an Alan Wake remake have circulated for some time, but a Taiwanese shop recently rated the game, fueling curiosity and giving fans hope.

This new edition, according to the NintendoPal website, may offer some exciting news. The biggest difference is that the game will employ a new engine, which will enable Ray Tracing on next-generation consoles.

Examine all of the information available on the website:

  • Alan Wake’s formal name is Alan Wake. Remastered to use Control Game’s Northlight Engine;
  • The game will enable ray-tracing on reflections on PC and next-generation platforms;
  • There will be no Nintendo Switch version, although it may be distributed in the Cloud, as was the case with Control.
  • The game will have a higher resolution and other changes to make the experience better;
  • The game will support 60 frames per second.

Of course, this is all rumor; we don’t even know whether such a remaster exists, so we’ll have to wait for official confirmation from Remedy.

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