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Game News - 26 de August, 2021

[RUMOR] Footage from The Mandalorian Game is allegedly leaked on Youtube




There has allegedly been an internet leak of footage from what appears to be a video game based on The Mandalorian, including gameplay footage showing the Mando in action. If this clip is a real development gameplay from The Mandalorian, there isn’t a lot of information to extract from it, but it would at the very least provide a rudimentary understanding of what the mystery studio is attempting to do. However, while no official announcement has been made by Disney or a game developer as of yet, a Mandalorian game has been extensively speculated for quite some time.

What is known is that Ubisoft’s Ubisoft Massive team is working on an open-world Star Wars game as part of its Star Wars franchise. In addition, the crew is now working on an Avatar game, which is anticipated to be released next year. As a result, it is probable that the Star Wars project will not debut for at least a few years. It is also known that Electronic Arts (EA), who formerly owned the exclusive Star Wars video game license, is still working on games set in the sci-fi world, but that none of its forthcoming projects will be unveiled until until 2021. However, although it’s conceivable that the alleged Mandalorian game is being developed at an EA facility, it’s just as probable that a third, unidentified firm has been assigned with the project, assuming that reports about the game are true in the first place.

Christopher Turner appears to have leaked video from a game based on The Mandalorian on YouTube. Din Djarin seems to be escaping an Imperial spacecraft in the footage, taking down a few stormtroopers along the way. Regardless of its authenticity, the game’s production design is remarkable, since it contains many familiar Star Wars sound effects and classic episode intros. The game looks to be running on Google Stadia, as shown at the end of the video. Of course, this may be fake. Turner’s YouTube channel includes several educational videos regarding Unreal Engine 4 game production, thus the clip might be an unauthorized mock-up.

It’s also worth mentioning that Ubisoft isn’t using Unreal Engine to create this game, as Turner’s channel suggests. As previously revealed, Ubisoft’s Star Wars game would be built on the Snowdrop engine utilized in titles like The Division. A fan-made prototype for a game based on The Mandalorian looks more realistic.

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